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Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Poor connectivity issues across your site or across multiple sites? Our wireless networking installation solutions can help.

The term WiFi refers to a set of standards, which set the specifications for transmitting data on a wireless network connection. A wireless network uses radio waves to receive and send data by translating data into a radio signal using an antenna.

Wireless network installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or connections between various equipment locations.

Six Key Reasons To Choose Wireless Networking

  • Improved Reliability
  • Increased Mobility Calibration
  • Improved Responsiveness
  • Better Access to Information
  • Easier Network Expansion
  • Enhanced Network Access

Our Wireless Networking Installation Process

Our experienced wireless network installers will work with you to achieve a wireless solution that provides the correct coverage and capacity for your organisation.

There are four main phases to work through when deciding on a wireless network:

Phase 1 – Pre-installation survey

The initial WiFi survey is the most important part to get right when designing a wireless network. A physical RF survey is performed on-site to ensure that the wireless network design meets requirements for coverage and capacity.

With the massive increase of laptops, smart phones and tablet devices that are brought into work, it is not only about providing coverage but about providing the right amount of capacity.

Phase 2 – Design

The wireless network design will consider your existing network, existing network policy, and future network’s demands. The wireless network that we design for you can cater for future demands and provide you will the security that your organisation requires.

Phase 3 – Installation

Our dedicated team of professional installers will work with you to install your wireless network with little or no disruption to your business. We will ensure that the application design requirements are met right first time.

Upon completion of the installation, we will provide on-site training in order for personnel to be able to use and manage the system with ease.

Phase 4 – Survey Post installation

Upon completion of the installation phase, we will perform a final wireless site survey to verify that the network design and your specific requirements have been achieved.

A post-installation survey is the best way to prove that we have provided the coverage and capacity that we had originally designed for.

Wireless Networking Case Studies

Want to see examples of our work? We’ve detailed our process and solutions on various wireless networking installation projects, working with a range of companies in different sectors:

Wireless Networking Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials for our work installing wireless networks:

“We’re delighted with the performance and stability of the wireless link provided by Twisted Pair. We no longer have drop outs from interference and have increased productivity in the warehouse as a result. Backup now take a fraction of the previous time with no network bottlenecks.”

Neil Fitzgerald – IT Manager

“Due to a recent office reorganisation we needed a higher bandwidth connection between our main office and the remote warehouse. We called upon Twisted Pair to quote for a new wireless link. They surveyed the site and went through the various options available, explaining the issues in detail that would affect the link speed and why certain solutions would not work for us.

“Since the installation despite recent severe storms the connection has been very stable and provided a significant increase in bandwidth. I’d be happy to recommend Twisted Pair and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Stephen Coombs, IT Manager

See more testimonials from happy clients on our Testimonials page.

Please contact our company’s experienced sales team to discuss wireless networking applications that suit you and your business.

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