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Multi Site Remote CCTV for parking

Multi Site Remote CCTV for parking

Project Overview

Client: Park Watch
Location: Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Leeds, Rugby, Reddich & Harrogate
Date: Since 2014 - Ongoing
Park Watch needed to remotely enforce parking bay and bus lane infringements. This was traditionally achieved with a parking warden patrolling the site. Live feeds from 20 separate cameras are live streamed back to a central office to check for parking offenses.

The Challenge and Solution

The intial request from the client included:

  • The system must record 24/7 with feeds from multiple remote locations
  • Provide fast review off footage, locally and by remote workers
  • Have resiliance to local hard disk failure
  • Full mirror backup recording server

The challenge lay in getting cameras connected to a central recording server.

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