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Data Disasters Cat5 & Cat6 in trouble!

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We’ve come across many different and interesting ways of installing data cable over the years so we though we’d share a few. Please come back to this page as we will be updating it periodically with the latest on-site data cable disasters!

Double click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

Cat5 Data Cable Joined with Gel Crimps and Block ConnectorsThis is actually unbelievable. The two data cables have been joined using gel crimps and standard electricians block connectors. Connecting data cable this way will lead to information (data packet) loss and a very slow connection.

A data network thrown inThe above network was found at a high end golf course.

Poor Cat5 patch panelAbove the cables have been double kroned. The cable has been terminated once and then cut but individual wires have not been removed before re-terminating. This can lead to insertion and return loss when tested. Also the connection will be prove to higher failure rates over time as the resistance will be greater.

Bad Cat5 patchingThe specification for Cat5 installations is no more than 12mm of wire should be exposed from the jacket. In the above example over 30mm of wire is visible. This is just bad planning when terminating the cable onto the patch panel. As you can see the wire pairs are stretched taught and not properly tied.

Bad Cat5 Patch PanelAbove all the data pairs have been untwisted. This will cause cross talk between the pairs and lead to data errors. Therefore this cable will struggle to transmit data at the speed you would expect from Cat5.

Cat5 Wired with Wrong ColoursAbove the pairs have been miss wired the green pairs being swapped with the orange Also again the twists in the coloured pairs have not been preserved.

Bad Cat5 WiringThe above example was installed by an electrician. The cable passed a basic cable test and the data fault was only found after the IT systems were commissioned.

Bad Cat5e PatchingThe above cat5 patching made it hard to decipher what’s connected to what.

Cat5e Data Cabinet TangleThe above is also typical of what we see. This is where systems have grown over time and the emphasis is on making it work by any means.


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