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Arena Shopping Centre Coventry ANPR/CCTV System

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20161006_163400Full replacement of ANPR/CCTV system at The Arena Shopping Centre in Coventry! The shopping complex is situated right next to the 32,000 seat Ricoh Stadium, home of the Wasps rugby team and Coventry FC.

This caused massive problems with stadium visitors on match day using the shopping centre as a car park.

This would be the biggest ANPR system that we have built and the most effective.

We have replaced 10 ANPR Camera’s that cover bus lanes and non-parking areas. 6 of them control traffic flow and time the vehicles in and out of the car park. Then 4  control bus lanes which and open a controlled barrier . This helps the Arena Shopping Centre run smooth and effective.

The connection between the ANPR’s and the Security Comms Room Cabinet is now done over wireless links. The Units that were used are the Ubiquity Nanobeam and are linked from the north and south side of the car park then into the Security Comms Room. This eliminates any cable issues and cable  damage in the future.

Also replaced the existing CCTV that covers the bus lanes and non-parking areas with close view camera’s and overview camera’s.


Our Engineers had to work from great heights to install the Nanobeam’s and the ANPR Camera’s. We are used to it anyway so it wasn’t a big deal.

The system is linked to the parking companies cloud based ticketing system sending overstay information 24 hours a day 7 days

a week. The system also provides real time alerts to the centres security staff about vehicles and visitors of interest. This makes the security team aware of problem visitors before they have entered the shopping centre.

In addition to the ANPR system dedicated cameras have been installed to cover the bus terminal. These are streamed back live to the central control room where footage is reviewed every 24 hours.

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