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IP CCTV What is all the fuss about?

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Closed Circuit Television or CCTV has been with us now for over half a century! And believe it or not until the last 10 years has hardly changed at all.

Traditional analogue  CCTV where the camera video signal is transmitted by a single coax (aerial) cable to a recorder / monitor. The vast majority of systems are still using this method or a variant method to physically connect the camera to recorder.

The problem with analogue transmission is, a limited video signal resolution of 752 x 576 D1 @ 25 frames per second. Or to put it another way about 0.4 Mega Pixel! Compared to transition by IP over Ethernet which has no upper limit.

The main advantage with this is the area a single IP camera can monitor, when viewing with the quality resolution, is significantly larger than a standard IP or CCTV camera. If viewing the same area, the image quality will be far more superior as the camera will be able to capture more detail allowing the precise identification of people and objects. As shown in the example below.

HD CCTV Compare images

Also IP Ethernet transmission is two way so camera parameters can be altered remotely. This would require an additional cable with traditional coaxial analogue.

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