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Wind Turbine Fibre Optic CloseCheck out where we’ve been! The wind farms for RWE Renewable. We were called out to look at a broken fibre optic cable connecting the turbines at a wind farm in South Wales. The turbines are 30 metres and an impressive site running at full speed.

The fibre optic cable is used to connect all the turbines together allowing communication of vital data on each turbines condition and performance. The fibre connection to one of the turbines was broken during preparation work to remove a turbine head.

To complete this job we had to source specific non standard fibre connectors and splice an 8 core fibre optic cable on an exposed hillside. This was completed ironically with our own generator due to lack of local power for the heat gun to seal the water proof fibre optic splice enclosure.

Wind Turbine Fibre Optic ProfileSplicing in these conditions is always a challenge therefore we carry a environmental tent to mange the weather conditions.Wind Turbine Fibre Matt

Clean conditions are essential to any fibre optic work and in this instant required many alcoholic wipes to keep glass contamination free.

For more information on fibre optic fusion splicing please see our products and services page / fibre optics for a video showing fibre splicing.


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