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Access Points

Access Points: Maximizing Your Connectivity 

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In an era dominated by digital connectivity, Access Points have become the backbone of wireless networks, offering a gateway to a seamless online experience. Access Points act a...

WIFI a guide to Wireless Standards

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WIFI everyone knows about WIFI right? Well.... As with everything IT there's allot more to it than that. There have been 7 standards to date. To become more user friendly they ...
Fibre Optic Revolution

Fibre Optic Revolution: Igniting Connectivity

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  The integration of fibre optic connectivity has emerged as a transformative force for businesses seeking to enhance their operational capabilities. At its essence, ...

Wireless Surveys for WAP’s Placement

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Wireless surveys, combined with sophisticated heatmap software, play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the ideal placement of Wireless Access Points (WAP's) within a property. This...
Wireless Connectivity

The Power of Wireless Connectivity

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In the modern business landscape, wireless connectivity has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way organizations operate, collaborate, and engage with their cust...
WAP's and Product Machine Guns

Optimizing Warehousing with WAP’s and Product Scanning Guns

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An impactful combination that is revolutionizing warehouse operations involves the fusion of wireless access points and product scanning guns. First thi...
Network cabling

Network Cabling Solutions for Businesses

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In the digital age, network cabling lies at the heart of every successful business operation. From seamless communication to efficient data transfer, a robust network infrastruc...

A little bit about POE or Power Over Ethernet

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Ok so I'm actually a bit surprised to be writing this but a little over a week ago, we were doing some work for a very tech savvy cyber security company and to my complete shock...
Broadband Connectivity

Broadband Connectivity. Which is the best solution for you? 

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FTTC stands for Fibre to the cabinet, this type of broadband connectivity is the most common in UK homes. FTTC cabling is shared by many users among a certain area as it is co...
SoGEA Broadband

What Is SOGEA?

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Public Switched Telephone Network and Integrated Services Digital Network services will be switched off by Openreach by December 2025, in one of the biggest shakeups in the te...
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